Obviously, Twitter is one of the most popular communication platform. The first thing we do after opening computer is to tweet something. We use it tell world what we are doing, how we think about something, and etc.
So let’s say you’re same too. You’re a project manager, and have many works to do. You must need an easy-to-use tool.

Today, we’re introducing a new good tool based on the Twitter API, http://TwitDone.com, to help you to manage the to-dos and tasks fast and easily.
Start TwitDone
This tool allows you to list every task as the private tweet.
Twitdone Account page

Now let’s manage the tasks.
Tools to manage task in Twitdone

You can label it as “done”, archive it, send task to somebody via email. And more, you can post tasks to twitter. Your followers will know what you’re doing soon.

Color and categorize your tasks

Color is a visual way to sort tasks.

We believe that we’ve made it easier for people to organize task in working, stuffs in life. So try it out, and let us know what you think.