Just come across a interesting post by Leo Babauta “How to Get Things Done with Twitter, and find that there are so many tools we can use to Getting Things Done with Twitter. But, it’s a pity that twitdone ,as a newbee is not mentioned in this post.

After reading these tools, we find that they have one common ground, twitter is just only one place to submit your tasks. And Twitdone bases on twitter. It’s a better integration with twitter. (you can read more about this point in previous posts). In future, there will be more deeper integration features.
GTD is a guide to let’s optimize the workflow. Twitter is a great place/way to note, communicate. We believe integration with twitter would be a better solution to improve work.

Twitdone has been released more than a month, and has hundreds users now. We have not done any commercial advise, and will not do that later. Twitdone grows up with the help of its users only. please tell us what we can do to let twitdone better.