Have to distribute tasks to members in your team everyday? Here’s a easy way to have your work fast and organized.

In twitdone, after listing tasks, you have several tools to handle them. One of these important tool is “Email”.
Clicking that email icon, there is a setting dialog.
Here, you can fill email who is in charge of it.
Select a date and an exact time to set this email.
Now let’s begin to plan next week’s work.

Normally, a task can be sent out only one time and to one person.

So do you have any good ideas? Submit them here.


TwitDone is an easy-to-use task management tool. And as the Twitter heavy users, we are spending a lot of time on twitter every day.
To be convenient, we are proud to say that you can directly add tasks to your twitdone place from twitter web, clients on our computer, iPhone clients, and etc.

How to add task:

  1. DM @twitdone with your task
  2. Add “#todo” in your tweet, this tweet will be a task in your twitdone

What’s the difference between them:
If using DM way, this task will be only in your twitdone. It’s a private tweet. If using ‘#todo’, this task will be one tweet in your twitter too. Then your followers can read what you are doing, and/or want to do.

Take ‘#todo’ way as an example, Please see the screenshots blow:

1. Type task, and ‘#todo’ can be at beginning, middle, or end.
add task
2. Update tweet in Twitter
update tweet
3. A new task in TwitDone
A task in TwitDone

To use these tips to add tasks easily, you should have used one time at least.