I’m new to TwitDone. How should I get started?
Welcome! To get started, please read our beginners’ guide. This will give you all information you need to start listing to-dos, and organizing tasks.

TwitDone.com is a personal Twitter space for getting-things-done. It has the humanity design and it’s easy-to-use.

Do I need to set up an account?
No, a Twitter account is enough.

Is TwitDone free?
Yes. It’s totally free! No paid features.

Will my Twitter password be stored at TwitDone.com?
No, TwitDone’s based on the Twitter OAuth API. You can see the sign-in page is hosted by Twitter. We do NOT know your password! We only get the information like your bio passed from Twitter. Of course, TwitDone will store your tasks :).

Can my friends on Twitter see my tasks?
No. Anything here are private. But if you want to share a task to your followers in Twitter, just click the “Post to Twitter” link below the task. One task can be posted only once.

Can I create tasks via Twitter client, on my desktop or iPhone?
Yes. Cool idea! Add ‘#todo’ in your tweet, which will be public for anyone. Or just send a direct message to @twitdone, if you want to keep the task private.

BTW, writing a tweet mentioned @twitdone doesn’t work.

What’s “I’m using Twitdone” ?
If it’s your first time to sign in, a message “I’m using http://twitdone.com/. It’s a twitter-like TODO list!” will be posted on your Twitter automatically. This is the best way to tell your friends you are using TwitDone. If you don’t like the message, you can delete it from your Twitter page. NO messages will be automatically posted any more.

Can I backup my TwitDone information, like tasks?
TwitDone will let you backup your tasks. This feature is still under development, and coming soon.

How to delete tweet?
You can archive the tweet first, and delete it. The delete action CANNOT UNDO. So please be careful.

How to quit TwitDone?
If you want to quit TwitDone, you can just delete all tasks(soon, you will be able to backup them) and then don’t visit TwitDone.com again. We don’t have stored any information about you (like your password) other than the tasks.


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